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1. What are the requirements to apply?

Interested students should reach out to corresponding faculty to see if the current projects underway have a good ‘fit’ with the student. CRaNHR students come from a wide range of backgrounds and academic eligibility varies per faculty. An interest in the improvement of health services, access to health care- particularly in rural and northern communities, and enhancing your understanding of the health care system is of importance.

2. What positions are available for students?

Positions vary by availability of supervision, but CRaNHR offers a variety of positions: internships, thesis supervision, transcribers, student research assistants, student research coordinators, and student administrative assistants are all positions that have been previously held through CRaNHR.

3. Do you take undergraduate researchers?

Yes, we do take undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in thesis projects, please inquire with an affiliated staff. Supervisory availability varies, and inquiry with an affiliated faculty member that is applicable to your department is required. If you are looking to volunteer with the centre, please inquire with Robert Barnett,

4. What if I am a recent graduate?

Recent graduates are welcome to inquire for positions at CRaNHR. Requirements vary, but reaching out to a faculty member or the student coordinator here is the first step. Internship positions may also be available.

5. What are the benefits of being a CRaNHR student?

There are many benefits of being a CRaNHR student. For more information, check out our summary here.

6. Who is currently taking students?

A list of affiliated faculty can be found here. If interested, please inquire with the faculty or staff listed to see if they are currently taking on a student. A CV, unofficial transcript, and summary of interest may be provided.

7. What projects are currently underway?

A list of projects can be found under the 'Research' tab above; topics at CRaNHR include francophone health, indigenous health, health services, NOSM integrated impact investigations, and virtual health. Please note that not all projects are in current need of student researchers, and corresponding faculty should be contacted directly if interested.

8. What time commitment is required to participate at CRaNHR?

Hours are negotiated at the time of acceptance, including days of work and duties. It is important to note that CRaNHR expects a significant level of academic rigor, and interested applicants should understand the commitment to volunteering and/or working should be treated as such. Students with high course loads may find it challenging to be appointed with other projects, and should talk to an academic advisor if they are concerned this may effect their academic work.

9. Who are we, and what do we do?

CRaNHR is an academic and applied research center located at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. CRaNHR’s mandate is to conduct interdisciplinary research in rural health with a view to improving health services, access to health care, particularly in rural and northern communities, and enhancing our understanding of the health care system.

10. Who can I contact to learn more?

If interested, please contact for more information. If you want to learn more about a current project underway at  CRaNHR, please contact staff directly here.

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